The Tipi is Up

Just finished a massive painting job – painting a 22ft Tipi for Singleton Primary School.  I had so much fun painting it. I must admit when I rolled it out and it took up my entire front lawn stretching over to the other side of the road it was a little larger than I imagined!

I initially sketched a design for the Tipi using elements from the Singleton Primary School garden. They have a great outdoor project at the school with an amazing garden which the kids cook from every week. They have filled it with fruit trees, vegetables, silver perch fish, marron, (the marron I painted was as big as me!!!) chickens, a windmill, scarecrows even a little frog pond with reeds and waterlillys…..cute!  I also designed a boy and girl in Singleton Primary colours complete with an indian headband, feather and facepaint.

Then the work started in painting it!! Jacksons Drawing supplied the paint for us and I used Atelier Artist acrylic paints which have beautiful vibrant colours. I moved all of the furniture from my huge living area and then was able to paint it in 3 sections(see picts). It is one of the biggest things I have ever painted – but I do love painting big!

Now the kids will add their touch to the Tipi with handprints all around the base. It will look great. A new outdoor classroom for the school!

The school even has Stephanie Alexander coming to visit to show them a few tricks in the kitchen!!! So nice to be involved….

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