Emma Blyth


I love creating and making all things Australian so I want to share with you my latest artworks that have an extra special connection.

A new limited edition artwork series printed on a distinctly Australian product, unique native grass paper handmade at Curtin Springs station in the remote central desert where they pay homage and respect to the pastoral and family history at their million-acre station.

The grasses are harvested using secateurs and a hessian sack. The paper is then handmade in their Old Abattoir.

Each type of grass creates a different texture and feel in the paper, whether it be spinifex, kangaroo, mulga, woollybutt, or kerosene grass. Plants, flowers, clay, sand and cow poo as well as other things like the bangtails from the cattle all feature in the paper making each piece one of a kind!

For me as an artist, it is a totally unique opportunity to display my interpretation of the amazing Australian landscape and it’s wildlife, actually on the landscape.

Through the paper, Curtin Springs are very proud to share their story of how they can balance production of protein in the desert, with protection of their million acre wildlife corridor.

And as a bonus their native grass paper provide an ideal media for me to create a distinctly beautiful memento of Australia for you.

I’m really proud to show off a little piece of our amazing country. I hope you like my new artworks too!

Prints come in a limited edition of 50 per size. Available in two sizes approx A4 and A3 size. Framed or Unframed.

Each artwork is hand numbered and signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.You couldn’t get a more unique Aussie gift! FREE shipping with Australia.